Our history

From thought to technology…

Clean air is not a luxury but a necessity: it is a major and current health issue for everyone.

The creation of MERCATE is based on a postulate: it is due to the experience and careful observation of an engineer from Arts and Crafts who travels frequently, to the point of being often ill.

Following multiple investigations, these led him to discover that all these ills and affections were in fact caused by the extreme mediocrity of the quality of the air he breathed in the airplane cabins.
Fully aware of this alarming situation, it was clear that it could not be allowed to continue. He decided to tackle the source of the problem: the quality of indoor air as a whole, and he vowed to find a solution that would greatly improve the health of all.
His knowledge of engineering and fluid mechanics led him to file an international patent for an air purification reactor associated with germicidal UVCs and bold A.O.P. technology.
Now, at that time in 2008, it was necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of AOP technology, which was both beneficial and cutting-edge.

This is how Aelorve was created and later became MERCATE.