Our expertise

A unique and unpublished know-how

To create the products of tomorrow, MERCATE relies on scientific and industrial partnerships, notably its historical partners DGA and Airbus, and French subcontractors certified ISO 9001. The company benefits from the skills of a multidisciplinary team and a Scientific and Medical Council composed of researchers, industrialists and expert consultants. Its research is the subject of referenced scientific publications.

5 years of R&D for incomparable efficiency:

  • SAVAB (System Anti Virus and Anti Bacterial)
    Development of a system that can be integrated into the ventilation systems of Airbus aircraft to eliminate airborne contaminants.
  • UNITR (UNIté de Traitement de l’aiR)
    DUAL (Civil-Military) transportable decontamination system to protect in case of risk or CBRN (Nuclear, Radiological, Chemical) attack.
  • KALIPUR (KALInox PURification)
    Measuring the efficiency of the evO2 system in a consulting room of the Raymond Poincaré Hospital (AP-HP Paris) to manage nitrous oxide and microorganisms
    Measuring the efficiency of the evO2 system in a day nursery school (Mère L’Oye) with regard to dust and VOCs*.

    *Volatile Organic Compounds

For confirmed results:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • The performance of AOP technology validated by scientific experts
Prototype from the SAVAB project