Necessity is the mother of invention

Plato, Républic, book II

MERCATE is a Research and Development company created in 2011, whose primary activity is the treatment of pollutants and more particularly the purification of indoor air. MERCATE develops today various technologies and products in this field in particular. In addition, MERCATE is interested in all that touches more or less closely the health of people. Air and water are two of the essential components of life, the objective of MERCATE is to offer everyone all possible means to enjoy a healthier environment.

Did you know that your indoor air is polluted?

4 types of indoor pollutants :

  • Chemical pollutants
  • Pollutants of microbiological origin, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, allergens, responsible for asthma, …
  • Particles of mineral origin
  • Radioactive gases, such as Radon, which results from the decay of Radium and is responsible for the majority of human exposure to radioactivity.

Air pollution kills 7 million people a year worldwide.

WHO, 2 May 2018

93% of French people are now aware of the importance of air quality on their health.

Elabe survey, Veolia 2019

As seen recently with COVID-19, pollution can also be microbiological and airborne. Viruses can travel through the air and infect people on the premises. It is therefore important to address air purification from a microbiological perspective as well.
Recent events, with the COVID-19 epidemic, have highlighted the importance of indoor air management from a biological perspective.
The AOP technology and the know-how developed by Mercate for more than 10 years has demonstrated its ability to destroy any type of virus is fully capable of eliminating the risks of pathogenicity of the SARS-COV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19. This coronavirus, a coronavirus with an RNA and an envelope, is similar to the H3N2 influenza virus on which our technology is efficient.

The germicidal activity of AOP technology is a response to the challenge of the ongoing pandemic.