Our technology

FlickLyse : An Innovative technology

After more than 7 years of research in close collaboration with our partners from major
French structures and laboratories (Airbus, DGA, CNRS, INSERM, …), we have given birth to an innovative technology that guarantees 99.99% air purification for all families of chemical pollutants, micro-organisms or fungi.
Secrets and know-how preserved with a view to reasoned industrialisation for the benefit of the whole of society.

Mercate has patented a solution allowing the reduction of the contact surface while respecting a completely new process of Ultraviolet Activated Oxidation coupled with an exceptional photocatalytic material of efficiency and durability resulting from an innovative pre-coating treatment.

The company’s know-how voluntarily protects the process used to deposit the photocatalytic substrate on the plastic support. The technique used and the type of catalyst are partly post-patent and kept in complete confidentiality by MERCATE. The methods were perfected and enriched during the SAVAB and UNIT’R projects, being strictly safeguarded within the company.

A controlled process

  • The polluted air flow passes over the FlickLyse media, whose characteristics are patented. Its cone-plate geometry optimises gas exchanges and their flow by maximising the contact time between the pollutant and the media.
  • Reduces the contact surface of free radicals
  • The patented cone plate is coated with an ultra-specific doped catalytic substrate whose recipe and application are a well-kept secret
  • A UVC lamp ensures the destruction of biological pollutants captured by the media by photocatalysis.
  • The patented cartridge principle with conical protrusion